Paulo Dybala’s Tattoos

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Paulo Bruno Exequiel Dybala is an Argentine professional football player who was born on November 15th 1993 in the city Laguna Larga in province Córdoba in Argentina.  He plays as a forward for the Juventus F.C. and national team of Argentina.  For his big talent, creative plays and technique he got a nickname “La Joya” which is Spanish and stands for “The Jewel”. He also has some interesting tattoos, that we would like to check out:

On this picture we can see his left arm tattoo which is simple and cool in the same way.

Here we can see an Arabic tattoo on his body, which is most likely a name of his mother “Alice”.

His left leg tattoo is a football with a crown on it.

Here you can see all of his tattoos on one photo.

Check all the tattoo meanings on YouTube with Schal V.: