Matty Mathesons Tattoos

Full name: Matthew James Matheson
Born: February 7, 1982, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Occupation: chef, internet personality
Youtube: Just A Dash

Matthew Matheson has a rich collection of tattoos that cover his entire body. Among the most remarkable ones are the image of a huge snake with a woman and a rose right in the center of his stomach, the depiction of a gigantic bird with a flower in the beak in the center of his chest and the picture of a rather big pig on the left side of his stomach. His back is decorated with various tattoos as well, where a tattoo of a skeleton on the horse takes a predominant place. Matthew Matheson seems to like tattoos in the form of inscriptions as well. A number of them can be found across his body: “endless love” on his right wrist, “outside looking” on his throat, “RAFF” on the left knuckle as well as “death” on the right and “BRICKS & MORTAR” on the left side of his stomach.