Kyle Kuzma’s Tattoos

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Kyle Alexander Kuzma is an American professional Basketball player who plays on forward position. He was born on July 24, 1995 in Flint, Michigan. During his college career Kuzma played for Utah Utes. Kyle was selected in the 1st round of the 2017 NBA Draft by Brooklyn Nets but was traded to Los Angeles Lakers.

On Kyle’s left shoulder we can see a lion with a basketball on the back of it’s head. Beneath it is a praying hands tattoo. On Kuzma’s left forearm is a heart ink with steam going out of it. Above the heart are birds tattoos. On the left part of his chest is a face of a woman with a point finger on her lips. Above it is a “Be Different” inscription. Underneath the woman face we see another inscription that says “Keep the Peace” and the next one “Family”is right under it. In the middle of Kyle’s chest is a cross tattoo with rays around it. On the right side of Kuzma’s chest is we see playing cards from ace to ten of hearts and two dices under them. His chest and part of his stomach are covered with clouds patterns. Under the cross tattoo is a stairway to heaven ink with touching fingers from creation of Adam beneath it. On the left from the stairs is an ancient face. The inside of Kuzma’s right arm is covered with stars tattoos.

Kyle Kuzma’s body tattoos.

On the inside of his left biceps we see a black&white american flag with TMG in it. On his left forehand is a quote form a bible.

Kyle’s tattoos on his right arm.

On his right shoulder we see a rose tattoos and the name of Kyle’s mother Karri.