Macklemore’s Tattoos

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Benjamin Hammond Haggerty, better known as Macklemore, is an US-American rapper and songwriter from Seattle. Macklemore started his singer career in 2000 under the name Professor Macklemore. Later he removed “Professor” from his name. In 2005, Macklemore released his first studio album “The Language of My World”. His second album “Gemini” was released in 2017. Macklemore is famous for the singles such as “Glorious”, “Good Old Days”, “Marmalade”, “And We Danced”, “Thrift Shop” and “Can’t hold us”. Moreover, Macklemore appeared in the movies “Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family” and “Under the Gunn”.

Macklemore has great tattoo job on his chest and arms. Macklemore has great tattoo job on his chest and arms. He tattooed his daughter’s name “Sloane” and a scorpion on the left side of his chest. O the right side there is a woman smoking cigarette and there is a leopard tattoo below.

Furthermore, Macklemore inked another smoking woman, a snake and a Libra on his right arm.

On his left arm, there are a tiger and eagle tattoos as well as a crying eye and 2 inscriptions “NO MATTER WHAT” and “23rd & Cherry”. Moreover, he has tattooed his grandmother Helen on his right shoulder.

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