Tretzy’s Tattoos

James Francis better known as TreTzy is a Canadian Twitch streamer, Pokemon Master and member of SoaRGaming from Calgary. TreTzy gained over 550,000 subscribers on the YouTube channel TreTzyTV, but in 2018 he terminated his YouTube channel and started his Streaming on Twitch.

TreTzy has several cool tattoos on his body. On his right arm you will find a nice collage tattoo with cardinal directions, skull and a lion’s head. Furthermore, he has the words “Darkness is a part of our world, just the same as light. You can’t have one without the other because darkness is half of everything.” on his right side. His chest is tattooed with the word “lifestyle” and the cross. On his right arm there is another cross tattoo. Last but not least he has a flash tattoo behind his right ear.