Xzibit’s Tattoos

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Alvin Nathaniel Joiner (better known as Xzibit) is a famous American rapper. Besides the rapper career, he is also known as an actor, a TV host and a record producer. Especially the TV show “Pimp My Ride” as well as the albums “Restless” and “Man vs. Machine” brought him great success.

But his exciting career isn´t the only one remarkable thing that´s worth our attention. Xzibit has a considerable number of tattoos on his body. Here we go:

The word “Restless” inked on his neck and the word “Lost Angel” across the top of his back are the most outstanding tattoos of Xzibit.

Capitals “X” and “Z” on his left and right forearms might mean his alias “Xzibit”.

Another large “X” you can find on the left side of his chest.

According to the interview of XzibitCentral with Xzibit, the number “38” on his left shoulder stands for his little dude Trey (so “3” means the name), who was born on the 8th (so the meaning of “8”). A very good riddle from Xzibit!

You can find an arm with an axe (Hennessy logo) and a asian hieroglyph on his right shoulder.

Last, but not least – a topless angel is tattooed lower on his right forearm.