Ilya Prusikin’s (Little Big) – Tattoos

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Ilya Ilich Prusikin better known as a member of a Little Big band is a Russian rave music singer, actor and producer from Transbaikal. After he moved to Saint Petersburg, he started several YouTube projects such as “The Gaffy Gaf Show” (Шоу Гаффи Гафа), “Police Everyday Life” (Полицейские будни) and “The Great Rap Battle” (Великая Рэп Битва). Prusikin received worldwide fame for his music project “Little Big”. The first studio album, “With Russia From Love” was released in 2014. After a huge success, the band released another two albums “Funeral Rave” and “Antipositive, Pt. 1”. Little Big is well known for their YouTube music videos like “Everyday I’m Drinking”, “We Will Push The Button”, “With Russia From Love”, “Life In Da Trash”, “Hateful Love”, “Big Dick”, “LollyBomb” and “Faradenza”. The band describe their style as a satirical art collaboration, which include music, visuals, and the show.

Prusikin has many awesome tattoos on his body. On his chest, you will find a huge bear had and the “L.B. 13”, which probably stand for the band Little Big and the founding year. On his upper chest, Prusikin inked the words “Непобедимая сила духа”, which means „Invincible Spirit Power“. On his stomach, he tattoeod his year of birth 1985 and the words “Pump It”. On his both arms, there are bear tattoos and the words “KIND INSIDE” and “HARD OUTSIDE”. Moreover, Prusikin has a peace of shit tattoo on his foot and there are bear claws on his shoulder.