Raven Felix’s Tattoos

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Raven Felix is a US-American rapper and YouTube star from San Fernando Valley. She released her debut single “Work Drink F**k Sleep” in 2013. Felix is well known for her hits such as “Hit the gas” with Snoop Dog and Nef the Pharaoh, “Bet they know now”, “Job done” with Wiz Khalifa and “If you only knew” with Rob $tone. She released her first studio album “Valifornication” in September 2017.

Raven got her first tattoo in 2012. She inked the Quote by Anne Rice “In the very depths of hell, do not demons love another?” On her right arm, you will find a wasp and the number “818”. Furthermore, Raven inked the word “Veritas” (Engl. Truth) on her right leg and the year 1966 on her left temple. There is a “Yin and yang” tattoo below her right eye and on her left shoulder she placed a snake tattoo.