EJ Manuel’s Tattoos

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Erik Rodriguez Manuel Jr. is an American professional American football player who plays on quarterback position for the Oakland Raiders of the NFL. He was born on March 19 1990 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. During his college career Erik played for Florida State University and managed to become the ACC champion in 2012. Since 2013 Manuel started playing for the Buffalo Bills of the NFL and 4 years later he was signed by the Oakland Raiders. Erik also has some interesting tattoo art on his body, so lets take a look at them.

His left arm is completely covered with tattoos.

On his lower leg we can see 3 axes and and some kind of an ancient god.

“Fearless” and Feathers on the back of his upper arm.

Erik also has some tattoos on his back.

Back of the left forearm.

Another picture of his tattoo art.