Frank Turner Tattoos

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Francis Edward Turner (better known as Frank) is an English folk singer and songwriter from Meonstoke (a small village in Hampshire). Frank has released six studio albums, among which “England Keep My Bones”, “Tape Deck Heart” and “Positive Songs for Negative People” can be found.  Before we start with his tattoos, it is worth mentioning that Frank Turner also wrote a song about Tattoos. Just check it on the YouTube: 

Frank Turner has a big number of interesting tattoos. The biggest one you will find on his back: it teaches us that “Everything is not enough” and “Nothing is too much to bear”. Both texts are inked across the tattooed bull skull located in the octagram.

Another slogan – “FREEBORN” – appears on his fists. 

Another couple of tattoos – “UKHC” and “WEMBLEY” – are inked below the picture of a cock and the rising sun on his left shoulder. UKCH stands for United Kingdom Hardcore Scene and it was his first tattoo. The tattoo “Wembley, 13.04.12 and 19.06.10” was done, when he supported Green Day in Wembley. 

There is no empty place on his forearms and arms: a mix of different symbols can be found there.

And here are the words “Ars Longa Vita Brevis” tattooed on his chest.