Shayne Smith’s Tattoos

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Shayne Smith is a US-American tattooed comedian, podcaster and YouTuber from Utah. Smith started his comedian career on open-mic scene. Afterwards he participate at the local comedy staples Comedy “Other Opinions” and “Wiseguys Sunday Night Special”. Furthermore Smith won the “Salt City Comedy Superstar” contest in 2015 and is the most recently voted best Alternative Comedian of 2016 by “City Weekly”.

Smith is a brilliant comedian and he is also doing a lot of jokes about himself and tattoos. By the way Smith has a great number of inks on his body.

On his upper chest you will find the word “HONOR” as well as “BADMAN” and there is a huge bear head tattoo below. He inked the letters “XXX” on is neck and his arms are also covered with very different tattoos. Moreover two roses are inked on his face.