Emily Browning’s Tattoos

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Emily Jane Browning is an Australian actress and singer from Melbourne. She made her television debut in the Australian film “The Echo of Thunder”. Afterwards Browning got roles in the Australian television shows “Something in the Air” and “Blue Heelers”. Her role as Katie Harwood in the horror film “Ghost Ship” was a breakthrough in her career. She is also known for playing in “The Uninvited”, “Sucker Punch”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “The Host”, “Pompeii” and “Legend”.

Browning has also won some prominent awards: Australian Film Institute International Award for Best Actress in the film “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events” and Hamptons International Film Festival Award for her role in “Sleeping Beauty”.

Regarding tattoos, we know that Browning has just one: it is a phrase “a blessed unrest that keeps us marching” inked on her left arm. Those words wrote choreographer Martha Graham to wrote to dancer and choreographer Agnes de Mille, when she was struggling with the weight of expectation. The letter encouraged her to follow her artistic career and never compare herself to anyone else. Browning is spurred by that blessed unrest, and if her march is to the Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” song, more power to her.