Ryan Switzer’s Tattoos

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Ryan Switzer is an American professional football player who plays on the wide receiver position and as return specialist. He was born on November 4, 1994 in Charleston, West Virginia. During his college career Switzer was playing for North Carolina Tar Heels. In 2017 he was selected by Dallas Cowboys in the 4th round of NFL Draft. Since 2018 he pays for Pittsburgh Steelers. Ryan also has some exiting tattoos and i guess you want to know more about them.

On the inside on Ryan’s right forearm is a tattoo in Hebrew language. The inscription says “אלוהים הוא אהבת”, which means “God is love”.

On the inside on his left forearm is a cross and a “Family” tattoo on his arm.

Cross and Family tattoos of Ryan Switzer.

On the inside of Ryan Switzer’s lower lip we can see “Believe” tattoo.