LeBron James’s Tattoos

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LeBron Raymone James is an American professional basketball player who plays for Cleveland Cavaliers on the small froward position. He was born on December 30 1984 in Akorn, Ohio.  LeBron’s talent was discovered back in his high school times and US media began to present him as a future basketball star. In the year 2003 he started playing in NBA for Cleveland Cavaliers. During his ongoing career LeBron won 3 NBA championships and large number of different sport awards. He also has a plenty of tattoos, so lets check them out!

On his chest is a winged lion. Left body part is covered with a “Loyalty” word. On the left upper side between neck and shoulder is an “Est. 1984” tattoo which is a reference to his year of birth. Right shoulder has a “Beast” tattoo with stars above it.  Under the Beast, is “Hold my own” inked into his arm. On his left leg is a “History” tattoo.

Here we can see his winged lion tattoo again and on his right body part is a “Family” tattoo.

Here we can see his “Beast” and “Hold my own” tattoos in a close up. On the left forearm he has the name of his second son Bryce Maximus.

Between his neck and right shoulder is name of his hometown Akron. On his right shoulder we see a crown and the name of his mother Gloria.

On this video we see flames on his right forearm and left biceps has “Echoes of Eternity” tattoo.

In this video of his training we can see “What we do in life” tattoo on his right biceps. Combined with a left biceps tattoo we get ” What we do in life” is “Echoes in Eternity” which is a quote from his favorite movie “Gladiator”.

Last but not least, here are the inscription “CHOSEN-1” tattooed on his back.