Arturo Vidal’s Tattoos

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Arturo Erasmo Vidal Pardo is a professional football (soccer) player from Chile. He plays as a midfielder for the Bundesliga club “FC Bayern Munich” and the Chile national football team. Before he started playing for “FC Bayern Munich”, he used to play for “Colo-Colo”, “Bayer Leverkusen” and “Juventus”. In the year 2015 he was placed eighth in the “UEFA Best Player in Europe Award”.

His tattoos are just like his soccer career – i.e. incredible. He is a real tattoo fan and we can see all of them on his arms, chest and back.

Let’s start with some Christian motives inked on his chest and back. Different crosses, praying hands and other tattoos of a similar kind show his absolute believe in Jesus Christ. You will also find the phrase “cubreme con tu manto”, which means “God save me” on his back.

Vidal loves horses so much, that he made a horse tattoo on his bally.

The words “Never give up” tattooed on his chin reflect his attitude towards the soccer game. You will also find his initials “AV” on his neck below this tattoo.

Vidal got two nicknames – Guerriero (“The Warrior”) and Rey Arturo (“King Arthur”) – and made tattoos of both of them on his left and right arms

Another tattoo – “Artunito” – is inked on his left arm and it stands for the name of his sister’s son Arturo. And „Alonsito“ tattooed on his right arm means the name of his son Alonso.

Finally, he made a Spiderman tattoo, because it is a favorite superhero of his son.

And here is his new tattoo – “The King”.