Jodie Marsh’s Tattoos

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Jodie Louise Marsh is an English media personality, bodybuilder and model from Brentwood, Essex. Marsh is well known for her own own reality show “Totally Jodie Marsh” and further TV shows, such as “Celebrity Big Brother”, “The Weakest Link”, “The Kevin Bishop Show” and “Snog Marry Avoid?”. Moreover, Marsh practice natural bodybuilding and fitness. In 2011, Marsh reached the 5th place Natural Physique Association Bodybuilding Championships.

Marsh has a really huge number of different tattoos. In 2018, he tattooed her right leg by Lee Dobbs at the Artoria Tattoos.

Upper on her right hip you will find a tattoo of her pet Rottweiler Rosie.

There is a bull skull tattoo on her back.

Her stomach is tattooed with a skull wearing a motorcycle helmet and two wings.

And here are a flower and a cross tattoo on her leg.

There is an inscription on the right side of her body.

Marsh inked the Michael Jackson’s face on the back of her left forearm.

And on her her left forearm there are portraits of rock music legends Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry.

Her upper arm has tattoos such as camera, vodka bottle, hummer and handcuffs.

On her right elbow you will find the names of her pet bulldogs “Lyla” and “Paddy”.

And here is her tiny elephant tattoo.