James Pumphrey’s Tattoos

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Full name: James Pumphrey
Occupation: Donut Media editor in chief
Youtube Chanel: Donut Media

James Pumphrey has some curious tattoos. Among them the words “I love James Pumphrey” with the red heart inked on his left upper arm and a peace symbol just below them. The same arm carries a laconic statement „Jusqu’ici tout va bien”, which means in English “So far, so good”. Another funny saying “I want to eat lightning and I never want to die” with the image of Bart Simpson`s face is tattooed on his upper right hand. On the backside of the same arm one can see a pretty big star. Moreover, Pumphrey has an “empowerd by Dodge” tattoo, which is inked on the right side of his body and for which (according to his own words) he got $10K from Dodge.