Demetrius Harmon’s Tattoos

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Demetrius Harmon, professionally known as MeechOnMars or just Meech is an US-American internet personality and YouTuber from Detroit, Michigan. Harmon started his career uploading comic videos on YouTube and Vine in 2013. In 2016, Harmon starred in “Camp Unplug” on Vine. Moreover, Harmon won several awards such as “Best Vine Comedian” and “Shorty Awards”.

Harmon has several tattoo works on his body. In 2018, he tattooed a fallen man and an inscription “Memento More . 555” (Latin: remember death) on his left shoulder.

The tattoo on his back says Insha Allah (if God wills it) in Arabic.

There is a snag tree tattoo and the words “Love you very much , Auntie Sarah” on his left arm.

On his chest you will find a tattoo of Simba from Disney’s “The Lion King”. Upper on his chest there are 3 fling birds, the name Sarah with the date “XII.VII.LXI – XII.IV.XIV” (12.7.61 – 12.4.14) and a cardiogram tattoo. The tattoo is probably a tribute to his aunt Sarah, who passed away in 2014.

Further tattoo on his left arm symbolize the meditation and patience.