Chris Heria’s Tattoos

Chris Heria is an American calisthenics enthusiast, trainer and YouTuber. He was born on December 21, 1991 in Miami, Florida. As a teenager Chris discovered a passion for street workouts and an active lifestyle, which later became an essential part of his life. Heria was one of the first trainers worldwide who founded a calisthenics gym and academy. His both YouTube channels have more then 3 millions subscribers. Chris also shares a passion for tattoo arts with us, so lets take a look on some of his inks.

On his chest we can see an inscription that says “I will be heard” and 3 faces looking in different directions. In the middle of Chris’s neck is an ornament and a flower tattoo next to it. His right hand has most probably an Albert Einstein tattoo and and a seascape with a sea monster beneath him. On the left shoulder is an asymmetric structure with a portraits next and under it.

On Chris’s knuckles is a scrip tattoo that say “redefine this mess”. He got it at the age of 18 as he became father. We also can see a portrait of a woman and a ornament above her on his left hand.

During this workout session video we see “this mess” scrip on his fingers. And a tattoo of a serial killer Albert Fish on the inside of his left forearm. Albert Fish is a name of a former metal band that was founded by Chris’s and his friend. Since this was important time and experience in his life he decided to make this ink. On the inside of his right arm is a spacescape tattoo.

Chris Heria’s back tattoos.