Shawn Mendes’s Tattoos

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Shawn Peter Raul Mendes is Canadian pop singer and song writer, who became famous though the variety of different internet resources like twitter, YouTube and Vine. In the year 2012 he posted a cover version of Adele’s song “Hometown Glory” which helped him to start his career.  After that Shawn got a lot of invitations to different TV and radio shows, where he could build up a huge number of fans. In the year 2015 his first album “Handmade” was released and became extremely popular all over the world. Thanks to Mendes talent and amazing voice he managed to grew into one of the most popular singers of the present. Shawn also has a few cool tattoos, so lets check them out!

On his right hand we can see a swallow tattoo.

On his right forearm is a guitar shaped tattoo with trees growing on the waterside and reflecting in the lake.

Well it’s pretty hard to see, but on the back of his upper arm is a light bulb with flowers in it.