Lindsay Ell’s Tattoo

Lindsay Elizabeth Ell is a Canadian country music singer and songwriter from Calgary. Furthermore, Lindsay Ell plays guitar and her music has elements of rock, blues and pop within the country genre. She started her musician career in 2003 as a teenager and in 2008 Lindsay Ell released her first studio album “Consider This”. Since then she released three more albums such as “Alone”, “The Project” and “The Continuum Project”. Lindsay Ell is well known for her songs like “Criminal”, “Waiting on You”, “All Alright” and “By the Way”.

In August 2018 Lindsay Ell inked her first tattoo. Her first tattoo has a deep meaning and stands for Lifeline. Lindsay Ell describes it as “A story. A legend. Pointed towards my heart, pushed forward by my past. Unfinished by design. To be completed as life unfolds…”