Joci Papai

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József Pápai, well known as Joci Pápai is a Hungarian singer, actor, rapper and guitarist. Pápai started his musician career in 2005 at the second season of the TV2 show “Megasztár”. His breakthrough was the song “Ne nézz így rám” from his debut studio album “Vigaszdíj”. As lead artist Pápai is famous for his songs such as “Nekem ez jár”, “Mikor a test örexik”, “Özönvíz” and “Távol”. Moreover, he represented Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and 2019 with the songs “Origo” and “Az én apám”.

Pápai has tattoos on his chest, back and soulder. He tattooed several incriptions on his chest and shoulder, which stand for the god Yahweh (JHVH) who maintains everything.

On his right shoulder you’ll find a green rose tattoo.

Furthermore, Pápai tattooed a biblical scene with Jesus on his entire back.