Jay Park’s Tattoos

Full name: Park Jae-beom
Stage name: Jay Park
Born: April 25, 1987, Edmonds, Washington, U.S.
Occupation: Rapper, producer
Studio albums: New Breed (2012), Evolution (2014), Worldwide (2015), Everything You Wanted (2016), The Road Less Traveled (2019)
Famous singles: 몸매 (MOMMAE), Me Like Yuh

It looks like no spare place is left on Jay Park’s body. A huge tattoo of a lion, which occupies his entire right chest, was enlarged by adding multiple drawings and inscriptions (like a drawing of a microphone or a writing “God’s Son”) spreading to his right hand. The left side of his body carries a huge word „PASSION“. There is also some saying on the upper side of his left chest. Moreover, there is a drawing of a compass and some stars on his neck and a word „Walkers“ on the upper side of his back. Another cool saying can be found on the fingers of his both hands – a tattoo that spells out „King Life“.