Christina Novelli’s Tattoos

Christina Novelli is a British DJ vocalist and songwriter from Southampton. Novelli started her musician career in 2012. Motown, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Tina Turner and Lauryn Hill influenced her music and in 2012, she make a breakthrough with the track “Concrete Angel”, which was collaborated with producer and DJ Gareth Emery. Another great track of her is Satellite, which was released in 2013. Novelli make her musich mostly in gengres such as EDM, House, Electronic Dance and Trance.

Novelli has various tattoos on her skin. There is a lion head tattoo on her left shoulder as well as roses and crown tattoo on the opposite side. On her right arm, you will find a tattoo with vintage microphone and stars. Furthermore, Novelli inked a pair of aces on her left arm.