Chris Fronzak’s Tattoos

Chris Fronzak, better known by his stage name „Fronz“ or „Fronzilla“, is an US-American singer, fashion designer and entrepreneur from Florida. He started his musician career by founding the deathcore-band Attila when he was 14 years old. Their music is mostly Metalcore, Deathcore and New Metal. The bend released seven studio albums such as “Fallacy”, “Outlawed”, “About That Life”, “Guilty Pleasure” and “Chaos”. Moreover, Fronzak released the studio album “Party People´s Anthem” as Fronzilla in 2015.

Fronzak has many incredible tattoo works on his body. In 2018, Fronzak tattooed the famous “This is Fine“ meme picture.

On his stomach you will find two inked pentagrams, a bull’s skull tattoo and the inscriptions “outlawed” and “FTSYCFMITM”.

Furthermore, Fronzak tattooed a wild tiger on the top of his head.

And here is his face tattoo. The word “MANIFEST” is inked below his left eye. Below his right eye there is a tiny zigzag pattern. Down there on his neck there is another tattooed word – “Blaise”.

Here you can enjoy Fronzak’s tattoo panorama.

Another cool tattoo on his upper hip:
87% Badass
23% Tacos
Fuck Math

There are flowers tattoos on the backside of his head.

The dragon head and the word “Aiden” are inked on the back of his neck.

Colorful flowers, skull and dagger are the tattoos on his right leg.

Another leg tattoo is an one-eyed coffin.

“Don’t Stop Dreaming” says the tattoo on his fingers.

One more skull tattoo, but this time it’s a pirate skull.

The next tattoo shows us Fronzak’s love for turtles.

Finally his famous chest tattoo – a crowned owl holding a hourglass.