Mitchel Musso Tattoos

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Mitchel Tate Musso is an American actor, musician and singer from Texas. He is well-known for his Disney Channel roles as Oliver Oken/Mike Standley III in “Hannah Montana”, as Jeremy Johnson in the animated series “Phineas and Ferb” and for his Disney XD role as King Brady in “Pair of Kings”. Besides his acting career, Musso released his debut album “Mitchel Musso” in 2009 and his debut single “The In Crowd” – a cover of a John Hampson song, which was premiered on Radio Disney in 2008.

Moreover, Musso has some great tattoos on his body. His first tattoo was the words “Sam M Unsurpassed” on his left shoulder – dedication to his father. The “MMM” on his left wrist stands for “Mitchel Mason Marc” – his name and the names of his brothers.

On the right side of his chest and close to his heart, you will find a thorny rose with the word “Katherine” written inside – the one devoted to his mother. 

You will find another tattoo on the left side of his chest – a crown with a lion on it.

The “717” tattoo on his right side stands for his record company.

One more – an Anarchism symbol – you will find on his left side.